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★Series Expansion of [picture card] what won an excellence award in education, 2010 Korea mobile award ★Including various features _ Study of two languages (Korean, English), Experience of musical instruments and Brain development ★Series of [Picture Cards] which achieved 100,000 download_Instrument card 「Instrument card」 is the application that is filled with cute illustrations with nice BGM and sound recoreded by voice actor. All contents will be provided in both Korean and English. Kids can see the various musical instruments listening to the sound of those, which can attract their interests. What kids understand of musical instruments made them sensitivity & creative. Kids can choose desired card by themselves without parent’s help. You can give this to your children as a nice fancy present when you cannot take care of them because of your absence! You will be surprised by your kids’ improvement in vocabulary! ✱ Functions - Support both English and Korean - Simple menu allows children can use without help of adults - Learning shapes and sounds of instruments - Arouse interest through Interaction (touch) - Sound On/Off options for effective learning ✱ Features - Various instrument cards for children - High resolution illustrations - Accurate pronunciation from expert voice actors - Learning by repetition with the painting feature - Children can choose the card and sound they want * Lite version will be shipped with only 15 cards. Update will not be provided for lite version_Some pictures can't show at Android Phone that has a resolution less than 480*800 pixcels

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