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ControlWizard_2 (v3.0) AndroidThis self-learning Insulin Dose Advisor includes a Diabetes Diary and will make your life easier! This new version is FASTER and has more (26) food-buttons for easy carbohydrate entry. Calculates your carbohydrate/insulin ratios at breakfast, lunch and dinner. SHARE your data with your doctor ONLINE: (beta).This is what users said:"Clever app""I believe in companies that supply what they promise""Saw my doctor today. Like many other diabetes diary apps I showed him this one. For the first time he was interested and wanted to know the name of this app. The diary function is a HIT.""Fun to work with."The app is made for people with diabetes who use a short acting insulin, either alone or in combination with (stable doses of) a long acting insulin. Accepts glucose concentrations in mg/dl and mmol/l. Allows you to enter data after the fact. If you have a late breakfast, simply tap on the time slot label and change the time-setting. The dose-suggestion is personal: it is based on your own data: IDA-ControlWizard builds up a database of your glucose, food, activity and insulin dose data, and uses those to calculate a personal dose-suggestion. The software provides dose-suggestions under many different circumstances. All YOU need to do is enter carbohydrate intake and/or glucose meter result and/or physical activity. (Please read the HELP function for detailed instructions) During the first weeks of use, the app will learn your glucose-insulin interaction. As soon as sufficient data have been collected, you will start getting insulin dose-suggestions. The more data you enter, the better your dose-suggestions will become. Often, a dose-suggestion can be calculated without the need to measure your blood glucose level. In such cases the software will automatically use your Carb/Insulin-ratio (automatically calculated in real-time). Your C/I-ratios are calculated specifically for breakfast, lunch and dinner time. The C/I-ratio follows seasonal changes in insulin sensitivity, but only when it is relevant for you!With every dose-suggestion, clear on-screen information is provided about the dose-suggestion and how it was calculated or how reliable it is. Read this information carefully to understand the reliability and applicability of any dose-suggestion in specific situations. Circumstances (e.g. stress, illness, travelling) may require your manual correction of the dose-suggestion. You can choose to BackUp your data (anonymously and free of charge) to an online server in a state-of-the-art, Class-A data center. Thus you will not loose your carefully built up, personal database: useful when you loose your device or buy a new one. Even if e.g. your smartphone is stolen or you need to change to a new one, you can download your own data from the server and continue getting personal dose-suggestions. For IDA-ControlWizard to be able to store data, you do NOT need mobile internet access. The BackUp option works best using a 3G or WiFi-connection. IDA-ControlWizard accepts glucose values in mmol/L or in mg/dl. Your preference will be set when you start the app for the first time. You can change the units whenever you want, without affecting the usability of the data. IDA-ControlWizard can handle mixed input in mmol/l and mg/dl.IDA is developed, built and maintained by a medical doctor.

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