Interdimensional waves full


Experience interdimensional waves flowing across hyperspace!The waves, the shifting colors and the hypnotic design create a trance inducing effect. Experience this never ending flow of inter dimensional waves now!HOW TO OPEN:Menu>Wallpaper>LIVE wallpapers>Interdimensional wavesYou can choose your favourite wave pattern, then adjust the colors, speed and pulsation, to create the ultimate interdimensional experience!You can choose between the wave patterns "Pyramid building wave","Ascent to transcendence" ,"Dimension drifter", "Self aware waves", "Interstellar flow" ,"The tower which emits rays", "Interdimensional warper" ,"Warping waves","Magnetic edge","Impossible pulsator","Streaming Candy","Path to the wormhole","Hyper dimensional warper","Digital Sentience" ,"Ultra brain-waves","The waves from the robot" and "Warping wave entity".

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