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Circles move around your screen, creating interesting interference patterns. Highly customizable for both look and performance, this wallpaper will keep you mesmerized with its complex patterns created from simple interactions.NO Airpush. NO Admob. NO ads of any kind. I don’t want any of that garbage on my phone, and I won’t subject users of my apps to it either just so I can make a few pennies per day from some sleazy ad company. Instead, to ‘monetize’ my work, I’ll leave it up to my users: if you feel that I deserve compensation, grab my Tip Jar and use it to buy me a soda. :)Please don’t hesitate to contact me with suggestions or if you have any problems.This live wallpaper is based on an effect seen in old 80s and 90s era programs called "demos" that showcased the talent of programming teams in an effort to produce the best looking imagery computed in real-time by highly optimized software. The effect is named for what is generally two sets of circles drawn over the top of each other, with any overlapping areas being colored straight black. This could be accomplished very easily on old hardware by using bitwise operators (the simplest being XOR), but for my implementation I’ve used OpenGL’s depth buffer to achieve a similar effect.

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