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Crystal clear voice calls without relying on data connection. FREE $1 risk-free trial credit for over 30 minute FREE international calls! Cheap international calling to your friends and family abroad:? Even if they are not using ChatTime or when they are not online? Call even when you are out and about, doesn’t use Wifi or 3G? Doesn’t waste your time with dropped calls or voice delays with inconsistent data connectionChatTime is NOT a VoIP call app, best for staying connected whether for business or personal calls.? ChatTime supports Android phone and iOS iPhone devices.****Why Millions All Over The World Have Downloaded ChatTime****? Low Cost Cheap Calls To Landlines and MobilesTalk longer with up to 98% savings compared to your mobile operator or Skype. Cheap international calling rates from 1.9c/min, much cheaper than Skype: ? India at 2.5¢/min – Talk up to 3 times longer! ? Mexico Mobile at 11.9¢/min – Talk up to 2 times longer! ? Thailand from 3.9¢/min – Talk up to 2 times longer! ? USA & UK from 1.9¢/min, 20% cheaper! ? Philippines Mobile at 19.9¢/min, 25% cheaper! ? Cheapest International Calling ~ 1¢/min with monthly call plans.? Try For FreeRisk-free $1 trial credit – Rates so low you can talk for over 30 mins* (depending on where you are calling) with the best crisp and clear voice just like a normal local phone call.? Start Calling Instantly To Anyone, AnywhereInternational calls just like any regular call, connected through our local call access number using your wireless/mobile plan minutes. No complicated prefixes to remember, no contact settings changes required, even works with a Bluetooth headset! ? No Wifi or Data Usage Required! Call Any Phone Anytime! Save on your cellular data usage. Call any friends anytime, even if you are out and about, even if they are not using ChatTime, unlike VoIP online call apps. ? No More Phone Calling Cards, Web Browsers or PC Securely manage your account online within the ChatTime application, including topping up credits with your Google Play account, check online calling and purchase history and getting 24hr support. ? Earn Free Calling Credits Get rewarded with free call credits when you invite your friends for more free international calls.???What Customers Are Saying about ChatTime??? ????? Best app in its class. Fantastic value, exceptional clarity on calls. ????? The best service I ever had. calling is so cheap n voice clarity is so good.i love chattime service. ????? I really love it. It saving me lots of money and very easy to use 🙂 ???What Others Are Saying about ChatTime??? "If you make international calls, there really isn

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