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Use as a standalone browser, or use as an internet access control program.Contains internet filtering features managed from the Cloud.1. Install Filter Software here2. Sign up for a free trial at: your email and password, your email will be your userid)3. Activate Browser with email and password.4. Login to to manage settings and reports.Block PornographyBlock WebsitesBlock Adult ContentBlock Objectionable Web ContentEnsure Family Friendly Internet Usage Improve Employee ProductivityEnhance Learning ExperiencePreserve Network BandwidthBlock access to objectionable websites in the real-timeImpose safe internet browsing practicesBlock access to forums, gaming zones, chat rooms, and e-mailRestrict search engines from searching the undesired materialControl the browsing time spent by your childAlso Add PC’s to your AccountComvigo offers solutions for pc’s and mobiles to protect home users from offensive content on the Internet. You can continue with your existing Internet Service Provider and leverage the offerings of the Comvigo.The client solution works independent of your provider and blocks the Web pages containing objectionable content. Comvigo solution once installed on the client machine, communicates with a remote Server for its filtering instructions.Once the Comvigo client is installed on your computer/mobile, every Web request from your computer/mobile is first validated with the Comvigo server to check if the Web page you have requested is objectionable. If the Comvigo server declares that the Web page contains objectionable material, the Comvigo client will block your request; else the Web page will be displayed.Also, the Parental Control feature for defining personalized lists and time schedules helps you customize the internet activities of your family members.Comvigo employs a Multi-layered filtering technique which guarantees to block the unwanted content.Unlike the other internet filtering products with limited levels of filtering, Comvigo provides static and real-time filtering. Starting with the preliminary database lookup, the content can be gauged up to the neural network based dynamic filtering. Apart from protecting from the questionable websites, Comvigo extends its reach to instant messengers.Depending upon the nature of the content, the content is categorized into different lists in the database. White List – Contains the URLs of the web pages with general and inoffensive content. This is applicable for Static content. Black List – Contains the URLs of the web pages with objectionable content. This is applicable for Static content. Grey List – Contains the URLs of the web pages with dynamic content which changes frequently. This implies, Comvigo evaluates the nature of the content on the fly and takes the appropriate action.Whenever you access a website, Comvigo looks up the database and matches the URL in the request with the URLs in the database. Based on the lists, Comvigo decides to restrict or allow the website. This database lookup of the URLs acts as a quick reference and accelerates the filtering process.Real-time Filtering with Neural NetworkPrecise, dynamic, and fastThe Comvigo solution uses a neural network based approach to inspect the real-time information over internet. The increasing need to cast away the harmful effects of internet can now be accomplished through this Artificial Intelligence technique.Neural network assures a quick and accurate differentiation between the offensive and harmless web pages.Neural networks are trained to adapt for a specific application, such as pattern recognition or data classification. Based on this training, the neural networks learn to identify the combination of words that result in a prospective acceptance or denial of a page. A trained neural network demonstrates incredible mastery and accuracy in evaluating the information.

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