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DeveloperLuis Fernando Jr
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* Changelog v1.2.3. Layout Fix on WVGA devices.* Changelog v1.2.2. Bug Fix on android 1.5 cupcake (MB501) - Please report if it is OK now.* Changelog v1.2. Feedback menu button* Changelog v1.1. Supported Resolutions - QVGA (Tested in emulator) - HVGA (Tested in Motorola MB501 Quench) - 800x600 (tested on tablet AOC Breeze 8")Replies of the comments at the end.. Suggestions from 'Andreas' - English App - Done (I believe it is not a problem to others) - Delete points - maybe on a further version - Extrapolation - maybe on a further versionAny problems or questions, let me know and then i'll try to help.** Developed using as base HVGA resolution and Android 2.1Application developed with the intention of assisting the resolution of exercises of polynomial interpolation by the methods of Lagrange, Neville and Newton, with the option to plot the graph of the polynomial found.FeaturesSupports up to 10 points (x, y)Methods of Lagrange, Neville and NewtonChartShows step by step (for this, disable the quiet mode before clicking on "calcular" button)Hope you enjoy.App developed by a student of Computer Science at Unesp Rio ClaroComments:alfre (7 june 2011)No abre do mb 501 Of course it works on MB501, I have one and used it for testing. Which is the android version of your MB501 ? You can reply on

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