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Interval recognition / ear training application – helps music students or musicians wanting to improve listening skills and to train your ear.Ear training for intervals, clusters, phrases and modes / scales.Intervals:Random interval from a user defined list of up to 2 octaves or based on selected notes or a specific mode / scale. Interval can be ascending, descending or harmonic. Clusters:Up to 9 notes can be played with a variable arpegiation speed. Phrases:3 to 10 notes – based on selected intervals / selected notes / or a scale / mode. Set the pitch range and rhythm. Modes / scales:Identify the mode or scale being played – ascending or descending.Features:Set tempo, instrument and note velocity.Listen feature to compare intervals or to practise singing them.Helps to associate intervals with common melodies to make them easier to learn and remember. Options to replay correct and / or incorrect answers to hear the difference.Intervals and phrases can be based on specific notes or mode / phrase.Continuous Play – repeat question a set number of times then display the answer, then move on to next question. Option to use text to speech to announce root note and answers.Uses Google AdMob to display adverts. The Donate version does not include adverts.Uses Google Analytics to track which features are being used most. Uses BugSense crash reporting. Logo designed by David Disbury.Keywords:ear training, ear trainer, melody dictation, play by ear

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