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Interval Record is a free app that allows you to snap unlimited camera pictures at regular intervals at full camera resolution. Interval record saves each snap as a jpeg image file. It does not generate a single video file. You can use the captured image sequence to create wonderful timelapse videos on your computer using video encoders like ffmpeg or mencoder.The main features are:1. Capture unlimited number of frames, at any interval, and at all resolutions supported by your device.2. Recordings can be started immediately or delayed by any number of seconds. You can also pause a recording or continue recording from an older project.3. All projects are saved in SDCARD:/IntervalRecord. Create and manage multiple projects.4. Lets you use all the modes available for focusing, flash control and exposure.5. Built-in experimental player to watch your timelapse recordings.6. Capability to transfer images as they are captured to a remote device over Bluetooth. Ideal for field projects.7. Interval Record is easy on the battery. It can work in the background and even when screen is turned off.Application Notes:1. The built-in player is experimental. Any feedback would be very helpful in improving it. Depending on your device hardware it will play at 12fps or slower. It will sometimes crash when image resolution is very high (>1920x1080) and buffer level is set to "Hyper".2.Following settings with ffmpeg on ubuntu will make h264 video, 1920x1080@12fps, 4 Mbps and a mp3 soundtrack. In Windows just make sure the path in vpre option is set correctly.ffmpeg -r 12 -f image2 -i Frame-1%d.jpg -r 12 -i ~/timelapse.mp3 -acodec copy -s 1920x1080 -b 4000k -vpre /usr/share/ffmpeg/libx264-main.ffpreset ~/timelapse.mp43. To mute the camera shutter sound put your device in silent or vibrate-only mode.4. For Bluetooth transfer to work please make sure both devices are paired. Interval Record does not handle pairing.

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