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Pro Walkie Talkie style app for Android.A simple to use but advanced PTT client for standalone use or for use with the Ipox5 PC ptt server/client.FOR ANDROID TO ANDROID USE YOU DO NOT NEED A PC SERVER - BUT YOU MAY WANT TO RUN YOUR OWN LATER. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED TO USE. JUST LOG IN AND CREATE YOUR GROUP.YOU CAN USE ANDROID UNITS AND PC CLIENTS (IPOX5) TO TALK WITH YOUR GROUP USING PTT.THE PC CLIENT MAY USE VOX AND CAN BE CONNECTED TO A RADIO LINK ETC. Ipox5 is a client for the Ipox communication suite. It allows voice communication using PTT between devices and PC's using PTT comms. You can connect a PMR radio (eg taxi, security) to the PC unit and access/monitor using your android device and run YOUR OWN DEDICATED SERVER. If you are using with the PC version of Ipox5, available from aacnet.eu/pmr it may take some setting up - it is not an off the shelf product. Bugs should be sent to bugs@aacnet.eu to enable swift action.In use by USGC, US MILITARY, UK RN, NHW GROUPS, SHERIFS OFFFICE, US and Airline companies. Our Mic unit is an amplified speaker mic for use with this s/w and will work on most devices when the S/W is HIDDEN also. It uses Bluetooth to connect to the device and has been tested with Samsung devices at the moment. Bluetooth enabled, if you are using a headset you can use the volume up button to PTT and then again to stop. This should not interfere with usual phone use!! If no audio when installed make sure the BT button is grey (off) BLUETOOTH IS EXPERIMENTAL AT THIS STAGE: Use the volume UP button to PTT and again to stop! If it does or does not work on your device, please email ipox5@aacnet.eu with your findings and I will add compatibility here and try to workaround with you.If you need/want any new features then email ipox5@aacnet.eu and Ill do my best...

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