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If you have used the uPnP/DLNA Apps, you know the frustration of in-compatibility and poor user experience!Now, you can use the iRevo TelePlay on Google TV and iRevo Apps on phone/tablet to Access content on your Phone or Tablet and TelePlay it on your Google TV device for a true multi-screen browsing and viewing experience!iRevo Apps enables you to view content on Google TV by simply touching a content icon on your phone or tablet. We call it PlayThere! If you choose, you can view the photo on device in your hand and flick through it with gestures. As you do that, you will see the pictures being updated on Google TV. We call it PlayTogether! To start with, you can access your photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket. To make this more interesting, iRevo provides a cloud based Share Media Folder channel where you collect photos shared via e-mail or even better, have your buddy or loved one e-mail it to you to enjoy on your big screen TV.The Podcast Audio and Video channels in the iRevo App enables you to play popular Podcasts on your phone or tablet AND on your Google TV using TelePlay. This new version supports playing photos, videos and music from your phone or tablet to Google TV using the iRevo TelePlay capability.MyWeb channels adds support for customized stock quotes, news, weather and horoscope. See it on your hand held deviceor on your Google TV.—–This iRevo TelePlay App is for Google TV and REQUIRES a companion app; iRevo Apps on one of the following devices: Android phones, tablets, iPads and iPhones and are available in Android Market and Apple App Store.—–Getting started! (1) Install the iRevo TelePlay Server on your Google TV. No Setup or Registration is required here.(2) Install the iRevo TelePlay App on your Android SmartPhones or Tablets from the Android Market or your iPhone / iPad from Apple App Store.(1) Launch the iRevo TelePlay App, and click on Register button to setup user name and password. Do use an e-mail address where others usually shares pictures via, otherwise the you will not enjoy the Cloud Share Channel.(4) Login with the username and password you registered with. And you will come to Application Home Page. From this page you can go to SETUP section to personalize the App.Optionally, you can skip setup and browse content via search. You will not be able to see your Facebook photos if you do not personalize the application under setup.(5) In SETUP section, Click Personalize Apps to enable iRevo App to auto log you in to Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket channels (applications). For these channels, you can view the photos via search too.For Facebook photos, you must authenticate iRevo App and first time, it may take up to two minutes before you see the Facebook photos.When done with personalization. Go to Application Home Screen by clicking Home icon or clicking Menu/Home.(5) To view photos on your GoogleTV device, launch iRevo TelePlay App. You will see the IP Address on Screen. (6) At this point, on your Tablet or Phone, press Menu and touch TelePlay. You will be presented with an IP address. If that IP Address matches the IP Address displayed on GoogleTV, select that IP Address and upon successful connection, you will hear a chime.(7) From Menu, select Play Option to make certain that the Application is running in PlayThere mode or PlayTogether mode.(8) You are all set for a big screen viewing experience. Go to any of the photo channels and you will see photo thumbnails.Touching on a photo thumbnail will play that photo on GoogleTV. Same functions are available in other channels.Happy TelePlaying!

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