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FREE. Phone and Tablet ready!Check your biorhythm, compare your levels to a friend or to a known celebrity!For support or to request celebrities to be added, visit: ( Today Good is a FREE, entertaining Android app that implements the human biorhythm algorithm. Biorhythm theory states that from the second we are born, 3 wavy lines start that define 3 of our human states:1) Emotional state (ex: love or other high emotions)2) Physical state (actual physical state. ex: Are you exhausted? feeling fresh?)3) Intellectual state (ex: Is today a good day to take a test?)The values for each of the 3 states range from -100% (lowest) to 100% (highest) and at any point in time it can be calculated and shown.You may compare your biorhythm to a friend or to a known celebrity!Simply enter your date/time of birth and graph it!On days where your physical levels are low, you might want to refrain from heavy physical activity. On days where your intellectual state is high, you are likely to do better on exams. When your emotional state is careful!Human biorhythm is just a theory and not a scientific fact. So please take it with that in mind.Please enjoy and thanks for reading this!

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