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by On April 3, 2012
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“Islamic flash” is an Islamic app that allows you to enjoy “swf videos” about different Islamic issues , which are divided to 4 section :-1- ENGLISH ISLAMIC FLASH , like : prophet mohamad (peace be upon him ),last breath ,islam explanation, the true religion .2- ISLAMIC ADVOCACY FLASH , like : كليتك نعمة-القرآن -المخدرات..هلاك -اللحظة الأخيرة-ماذا عن المسنجر؟3- ISLAMIC WOMEN FLASH , like : حجابي,حيّوها,يا من تريدين النجاة,توبي4- ISLAMIC SONGS FLASH , like : أن تدخلني ربي الجنة,رسول الله - صلى الله عليه وسلم -,العيد,لننطلق - أبو خاطر-you can use this app for Islamic advocacy , and most of these flashes are attractive and Influential ^ــــــ^ Notes:1- This app requires flash support (2.2 and above) + internet connection .2- If you face a problem in viewing a flash, make sure you installed last version of “Adobe Flash Player”.3-in future , we will add a feature to save this flashes .4- we will try to add new Islamic flashes and new sections .5- This app is able to be moved to sdcard .6- Plz report if there is any bugs.7- we are waiting for your recommendation and comments .Plz rate our app  ^ـــــــ*

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