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Itography is a virtual item collection game that you can play at places you visit every day, think of it as a virtual scavenger hunt. You compete with other players to complete virtual item collections by finding and picking up these items at real locations. Many of the concepts are similar to geocaching. While playing Itography you can:- check in to Foursquare venues - share the items that you find with friends on Facebook and Twitter- compete with friends and the community for total pickups, longest drop, total drop distance, and more - track items and venues to keep up with their movement and find the ones that you need to complete your collectionStart playing! To get started, pick up an item. You will get credit for that item in your collection, earn points towards a variety of awards and ascend the leaderboards. Dropping items is just as important as picking up items. Go for a personal distance record by dropping the item a long distance. You will also be given the opportunity to check-in to the venue using Foursquare. Don’t worry; you will still be able to see the item in your collection! Games are more fun with friends. Itography uses your Facebook friendships, so that you don’t have to start from scratch. Don’t forget to share with your friends! What are items? Each item belongs to a collection, has a rarity, and is either expiring or permanent. Item Collections - General collections are constantly generated. Special collections are only generated for a short period of time. You can complete a collection by finding all of the items that belong to it. Rarity - The items have different rarities. Common (green) items are the easiest to find, while there is only one of each Unique (red) item. Expiring/Permanent - Be careful, because expiring items must be dropped before time is up or it will return to the pickup spot. If an item is eligible for your permanent inventory, you will be given a choice to either put it there or in your expiring inventory. Permanent items are yours to keep for as long as you wish. Please review our Policy here:

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