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This book contain collection of 21 books1. Rudin (?????) [1856 ; translated by Constance Garnett]2. A House Of Gentlefolk [Dvoryanskoye Gnezdo (?????????? ??????)] [1859 ; translated by Constance Garnett]3. On the Eve [Nakanune (????????)] [1860 ; translated by Constance Garnett]4. Fathers and Sons [Otzy i Deti (???? ? ????)] [1862, translated by Richard Hare]5. Smoke [Dym (???)] [1867 ; translated by Constance Garnett]6. Virgin Soil [Nov (????)] [1877 ; translated by R. S. Townsend]7. A Sportsman's Sketches [Zapiski Okhotnika (??????? ????????)] [1852] [1852 ; translated by Constance Garnett]8. The Inn [1852 ; translated by Constance Garnett]9. First Love [Pervaia Liubov (?????? ??????)] [1860 ; translated by Constance Garnett]10. Mumu [ translated by Constance Garnett]11. The Dog [1866 ; translated by Constance Garnett]12. Lieutenant Yergunov's Story [1867 ; translated by Constance Garnett]13. Knock, Knock, Knock [1870 ; translated by Constance Garnett]14. The Torrents of Spring [Veshnie Vody (?????? ????)] [1872 ; translated by Constance Garnett]15. Punin and Baburin [1874 ; translated by Constance Garnett]16. The Watch [1875 ; translated by Constance Garnett]17. Dream Tales and Prose Poems [1897 ; translated by Constance Garnett]18. A Desperate Character and other stories [1899 ; translated by Constance Garnett]19. The Jew, and other stories [1899 ; translated by Constance Garnett]20. The Diary of a Superfluous Man, and other stories [1899 ; translated by Constance Garnett]21. A Month in the Country [Mesiats v Derevne (????? ? ???????)] [1855 ; translated by Constance Garnett]About the AuthorIvan Turgenev, 1818-1883Russian novelist and playwright. His novel Fathers and Sons is regarded as one of the major works of 19th-century fiction.Turgenev first made his name with A Sportsman's Sketches (??????? ????????), also known as Sketches from a Hunter's Album or Notes of a Hunter, a collection of short stories, based on his observations of peasant life and nature. Turgenev himself considered the book to be his most important contribution to Russian literature; and Tolstoy, among others, agreed wholeheartedly, adding that Turgenev's evocations of nature in these stories were unsurpassed.Fathers and Sons ("???? ? ????"), Turgenev's most famous and enduring novel, appeared in 1862. Its leading character, Bazarov, was in turns heralded and reviled as either a glorification or a parody of the 'new men' of the 1860s. Many radical critics at the time did not take Fathers and Sons seriously; and, after the relative critical failure of his masterpiece, Turgenev was disillusioned and started to write less.

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