IVONA Conchita Spanish beta


IVONA – The leader in realistic, natural-sounding & accurate TTS voices for your Android device.No more robotic, sythesized voices. IVONA for Android replaces the synthesized text-to-speech (TTS) voices currently available on your Android device with more natural sounding, accurate & easy-to-understand voices. Select from 13 different languages to find the one best suited for you. Easy to install one or several different voices!IVONA is compatible with many of your favorite Android applications. With IVONA, enjoy:? Turn-by-turn voice navigation so you can keep your eyes on the road (e.g. Google Maps)? Have your ebooks naturally read aloud to you (e.g. Moon+ Reader Pro)? Listen to online content, articles, PDF documents & RSS feeds (e.g. Pocket, ezPDF Reader, gReader)? Change the voice on your virtual assistant (e.g. Jeannie, iris, Skyvi)Plus:? Enjoy improved accessibility (e.g. TalkBack built-into Android)? Increase your productivity (e.g. Driving Mode built-into Android)Key features include:

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