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Jack o' Lantern Carving for Halloween - A Live Wallpaper for AndroidFREE VERSIONHello and HAPPY HALLOWEEN.This Live Wallpaper will keep you entertained during the spookiest time of the year and beyond...Create a Jack o' Lantern of your own design from a pumpkin using touch to carve and then see it glow as part of a physics-based Live Wallpaper that'll keep you in the Halloween mood.Choose one or many pumpkins to populate the creepy scene, rotate your phone and see how they move.Opt to torture the poor pumpkins by adding evil metal spikes to the bottom of the simulation!TO INSTALL A LIVE WALLPAPERPress the menu button on your telephone.choose 'Wallpaper'select 'Live wallpapers'Now, find Jack o' Lantern Carving...' and click (it's icon is a big fat pumpkin)The 'Set wallpaper' button will confirm Jack o' Lantern as your new wallpaper and you'll want to do this in a minute, but first press 'Settings...' and have fun carving your first Jack o' Lantern!CARVING A JACK O' LANTERNWhenever you want to start again with a new pumpkin, just press 'Start again' to the lower left of the big pumpkin.The button in the other (bottom right) corner swaps between the knife and spoon tools:With the knife, draw a complete shape on the pumpkin, for example your Jack o' Lantern's mouthWith the spoon (it must be a very sharp spoon..!) simply draw as you would with a big pen.When you're happy, make your configuration choices below the main pumpkin view and press 'Save pumpkin and settings' to see your Jack o' Lantern in action.Tapping the Pumpkins in the Live Wallpaper will make them jump!Dim the lights and watch out for witches, bats, zombies, monsters and ghouls in your neighbourhood!Happy carving everyone!

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