JamBox Pro Chords & Scales


JamBox – the musicians app for chords and scales on stringed instruments. Specify a chord and the app will provide you with extensive information on fingering, handle lengths, the notes contained in the chord, blank and muted strings, Barrée sizes supplemented by the music-theoretical groundwork such as scales and intervals. In addition to various stringed instruments, the output of the desired information can be influenced by individual parameters such as own string-tuning and max. fret width. JamBox is not data-based – it calculates all the information on music-theoretical algorithm. By that JamBox Pro is even more flexible than the tension of your strings!Features- chord Modes: 50 (calculated)- scales: 13- dynamic scale calculation- split bass/slash chords: Free split bass note option for any chord- chord thumbnails- notes display- progression display- info panel (Included notes, Progression, Used Fingers, notes in chord, chord span, missing notes, empty strings, muted strings, barree size, min/max frets)- instruments: 5 (guitar, banjo, ukulele, 4-string bass, 5-string bass)- supported tuning: different tunings for each instrument- free custom tuning- force root note option- string skipping option- mute lower strings option- max. muted strings option- max. missing notes option- max. fret span option- use empty strings only below fret X option- ad free

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