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It's thought that the reason why Japanese have begun to go to Oise San asChristian go to Jerusalem and Muslim go to Mecca is the prolpagation by Oshiin the end of Heian period. But this Oshi system was abrogated by the MeijiRestoration government. This movie dipicts the aspect of Oshi which is beingforgotten and old Furuichi where was an amusement place for people visitingto Ise Grand Shrine. These are what kept to support the faith of Ise.Location: Ise City, Mie Prefecture[Detail]"Japanese Poetry" is the valuable documentary film series of the manners from all over Japan in 1965 to 1966 supervised by Tsuneichi Miyamoto who is the most renowned folklorist in Japan. The theme of this film is research of "people's life history".Falkways, events, lives and technics of all over the country are showed with collecting the specialty of each country."The poem in life" is expressed in this film.[Planning and development]OHDEN Co., Ltd[Production and copyright]NIKKEI VISUAL IMAGES,INC.[Precaution]・NO DUPLICATE AND DIVERT THE CONTENTS IN THIS APPLICATION (IMAGE, VOICE, TEXT, PICTURE, PROGRAM) WITHOUT A PERMIT.・THE CONTENS AND URL LINK IN THIS APPLICATION ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR BE DISCONTINUED WITHOUT NOTICE.・ON NO EVENT WILL OHDEN CO., LTD BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY DAMEGES ARISING OUT OF CHANGING INFORMATION AND CANCELLING OR DISCONTINUING THIS APPLICATION.・NO WARRANTY IS GIVEN AS TO THE VALIDITY AND THE CORRECTNESS OF THIS APPLICATION, AND WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INFORMATION IN THIS APPLICATION.

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