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The Best Japanese Translation App for Japanese Learning Users. 700,000 downloads in Japan! For its high translation quality of English-Japanese and Japanese-English, this app has been popular in Japan for more than 2 years. [Features] 1- Fast & Accurate Japanese Translation 2- Easy to Copy, Clip and Share 3- Multiple Fonts and Design 4- Link with Other Apps———– 1- Fast & Accurate Japanese Translation *You can keep on translating. *You can edit the traslated text directly. *You can use VIEW ONLY MODE by rotating your Android. *Data will be saved in "History". You can search your History. *You can refresh all texts by one tap. *You can translate by swiping. 2- Easy to Copy, Clip and Share *You can copy texts to your clipboard by one tap. *You can save texts to "Clip". You can search your Clip. *You can share the translated texts with Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, e-mail, etc. 3- Multiple Font Size and Design *You can choose from 5 font sizes. *You can choose from 2 design themes. 4- Link with Other Apps *Link to this app from other apps by using Intent.———– Enjoy.

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