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Jelly Bean Icon Pack

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DeveloperJGM Software
Added2 years ago
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by On October 13, 2012
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Want the latest Android (Jelly Bean) look before it's even released for your phone? Then download the JGM Software Jelly Bean icon pack, with 21 stunning high resolution icons for Launcher Pro. This pack will update the icons for all the official Google apps to their sleek Jelly Bean equivalents. Includes icons for:-Play Music-Play Store-Browser-Google Talk-GMail-Messaging-Sound Recorder-Calendar-Calculator-FM Radio-Email-Camera-Contacts-Maps-Settings-Phone/Dialler-YouTube-Clock-Gallery-Voice Search-DownloadsTo apply, install and then open Launcher Pro Preferences > Theme Settings > Icon Pack and select JGMS Jelly Bean Icon Pack from the menu.Want dock icons to match your icon pack? Because Launcher Pro doesn't let you do this with icon packs, simply email us  detailing what you need and we'll send you the icons you require, FREE of charge!

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