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A beautiful Christian Live Wallpaper app for all Christian friends!--------------------Thanks for these comments from users, all rated ★★★★★!Vladimir: "My Savior Very nice app! Always reminds me how much He LOVE us"Linda: "Amazing app! A friend showed this app to me and I was immediately impressed! This app is a good daily reminder of our blessings!"Holly: "Christian wall paper This is by far the coolest live wall paper and every time I open my phone Jesus is all over my screen."--------------------The app presents Jesus Christ name and different style of cross with cool animation effect.Watch the video demo to see some of the cool effect you can have with this live wallpaper!List of features:-* Double tap screen to toggle animation style* Tap screen once to change view depth* Multiple theme* Change lighting color* Dynamic lighting color* Moving light* Use own image as theme* Set rotation speed* Set loop circle speed* Framing option* Multiple background particle effect* Support phone and tablet* Support portrait and landscape modeWith nearly 20 different setting options, we are sure you can customize this Jesus live wallpaper to something that you really love!As of the early 21st century, Christianity has around 2.331 billion adherents.The faith represents one-third of the world's population and is the largest religion in the world.The following stat show the number of christian in various countries.USA 249,400,000 (9.7%)Brazil 175,501,000 (90.4%)People's Republic of China 150,959,000 (12.7%)Mexico 107,095,000 (97.5%)Russia 105,775,000 (70.3%)Philippines 90,530,000 (92.4%)Nigeria 80,103,000 (51.2%)Congo, Democratic Republic of 68,558,000 (95.6%)Germany 58,400,000 (77.9%)Ethiopia 54,978,000 (64.5%)Italy 54,386,000 (91.5%)United Kingdom 45,031,000 (76.2%)Colombia 44,502,000 (97.6%)Ukraine 41,973,000 (91.5%)France 41,000,000 (64%)South Africa 40,243,000 (81.7%)India 40,113,000 (4.1%)Spain 38,568,000 (79.2%)Argentina 37,561,000 (92.7%)Poland 36,526,000 (95.7%)Kenya 34,774,000 (85.1%)Indonesia 31,804,000 (13.3%)Uganda 29,943,000 (88.6%)Venezuela 28,340,000 (98.0%)Peru 27,635,000 (93.8%)Tanzania 27,118,000 (62.0%)Canada 26,401,000 (77.1%)Romania 20,930,000 (99.5%)Angola 17,094,000 (90.0%)Ghana 16,741,000 (68.8%)Australia 16,345,000 (72.3%)Korea, South 15,734,000 (33.2%)Chile 14,930,000 (87.2%)Ecuador 14,099,000 (99.0%)Guatemala 14,018,000 (97.5%)Egypt 13,700,000 (18.0%)Cameroon 13,390,000 (69.0%)Zambia 12,939,000 (97.6%)Malawi 12,538,000 (79.9%)Mozambique 12,003,717 (56.1%)Greece 11,204,000 (99.1%)Zimbabwe 10,747,000 (85.0%)Bangladesh 10,493,000 (5.3%)Portugal 10,110,000 (94.7%)Dominican Republic 9,734,000 (95.2%)Bolivia 9,730,000 (97.0%)Rwanda 9,619,000 (93.6%)Cuba 9,523,000 (85.0%)Netherlands 9,350,000 (57.4%)Serbia 9,138,000 (92.3%)Belarus 8,600,200 (80.0%)Haiti 8,527,000 (83.7%)Madagascar 8,260,000 (41.0%)Kazakhstan 8,152,000 (51.0%)Burundi 7,662,000 (75.0%)Hungary 7,450,000 (74.4%)Sweden 7,148,000 (73%)Côte d'Ivoire 7,075,000 (32.8%)Vietnam 6,868,000 (8.0%)Papua New Guinea 6,640,000 (96.4%)Bulgaria 6,364,000 (84.0%)Honduras 6,321,000 (83.0%)Paraguay 6,260,000 (96.9%)South Sudan 6,250,000 (76.2%)Switzerland 6,172,000 (79.3%)Austria 6,000,000 (70.9%)Belgium 5,900,000 (51.0%)Pakistan 5,327,000 (1.6%)Nicaragua 5,217,000 (89.6%)Salvador 5,073,000 (81.9%)Denmark 4,546,000 (82.0%)Slovakia 4,487,000 (82.8%)Finland 4,347,000 (81.0%)Norway 4,195,000 (85.6%)Ireland 4,116,000 (92.3%)Jesus love you and may God bless you!

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