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Search the US's largest online job site on the go with CareerBuilder's Jobs app. It's powerful, easy to use, and completely free. Features include:-	Search for jobs with advanced search options-	Use your current location to find jobs near you-	Apply directly to jobs with your CareerBuilder account-       Register an account from within the app-       Have a resume saved on your phone or SD card? Upload it from within the app-       See data about who else has applied to jobs with Job Competition reports from the Applied Jobs view-       Share jobs with your friends via text message, email and Facebook-       Keep up to date with the status of your job applications by taking a short survey-	Save jobs to review later-	Receive personal job recommendations-	Get a list of jobs similar to any job you like-	Apply to jobs without being logged in or registered with CareerBuilder-       Attach resume file from your phone for applying-	Automatically syncs your resumes, cover letters, saved jobs, and jobs you have applied to with your CareerBuilder account-      Support for in-app screening questions

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