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<div id="doc-original-text">Follow the stories, adventures, and insights of Author Judah Mahay.<p>Judah Mahay is a writer and activist. Born and raised in the rustic backwoods of Alaska while making a home in Hamptons, NY has provided him with a diverse perspective on life, purpose, society, and politics.<p>In late 2008, he had his first story Lord of the Dome published in New York Twist Magazine and not to long after The Trees of Evermore won a writing contest to be published in the North Shoreian Magazine. A few months later Lord of the Dome was made into a short film after winning a contest by WeMakeYourMovie.<p>In the fall of 2009, his poem Willow was published in Mississippi Crow Magazine.<p>In the beginning of 2010, he will have the amazing opportunity to have a two week residency at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center, where he will write the Watermill Grimoire, along with a handful of character driven vignettes based on artifacts from the Watermill archive. The characters from the vignettes will be the driving force behind the Watermill Grimoire fairy tale.<p>He was a preliminary judge for storysouth's 2009 Million Writers Award. He read through a long list of wonderful science fiction and fantasy stories to finally select a handful to be considered as the winning story.<p>Currently, Judah lives on Long Island with his wife Lorien where he spends his free time writing short stories, and working on his novels under the watchful eye of his cat, Athena.</div>

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