It’s a hard life for a lowly alleyway busker. All you have to comfort you is a stray dog, an overflowing trash can, and vandalized building walls. Your only posessions in the world? A pair of white gloves and three red balls. With determination, rhythm, and a passion to make that clown school training pay off, you embark on an epic journey as an up-and-coming Juggler.Juggler features:-Step into the shoes of a down-and-out juggler who dreams of making it big.-Play through 25 levels across 5 stages to become world famous.-Use sound and vibration to assist you with timing, or listen to the sound of silence.-Challenging combo system.-Juggle with 3, 5 or 7 balls at once.-Get Achievements.-Challenge the Highscore Mode to get your best score on ScoreLoop leaderboards.-Share your scores and achievements on facebook, twitter or myspace.What others say:"Well thought out and cute graphics. I like it." – Frisco @ AndroidForums"I really like this – I taught myself to juggle (badly!!) and do it for relaxation – and this is almost as good (focusses your mind away from distractions!!)" – Johnpeat @ AndroidForums"Lots of fun =)" – Susanna"Great for hand eye coordination! Fun & challenging!" – MelodiePlease email us if you have any problems and/or if you have suggestions for improvements.We are currently working for a fix to performance issues on HTC Wildfire.KW: reaction park juggle perform combo stage alley juggler juggling busking clown grand performance rhythm busker busk timing circus skill challenge.

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