Jukarta lease and loan


Jukarta is a new cash flow modelling calculation engine from Copernicus designed specifically for lease, loan, mortgage and hire purchase (conditional sale) calculations on Android phones. Copernicus have been writing evaluation systems for over 30 years and this is the latest incarnation.Jukarta takes a time frame (Frequency, Term and Structure) together with a Cost and a funding rate to generate a payment profile. An initial payment (deposit), balloon (residual value) or commission (third party payment) may also be included.Frequencies available are monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual. A flat (simple interest) rate is also shown and may also be used to derive a real rate from which the payments are calculated.The calculations may be reversed so that, for example, a cost or residual value may be calculated from a given payment profile.There is a Help menu in the App and examples of calculations are available on the web site at www.copernicus.co.ukThere is a separate enterprise version of Jukarta which enables storage of evaluations in XML files which may then be uploaded to a server for further processing. See www.copernicus.co.uk for details or email allen.jones@copernicus.co.uk or call +44 (0)7785 110548Comments on Jukarta and ideas for improvements are always welcome

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