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Just Say It! Voice Party Game

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"Just Say It" is a party game app in which players compete by reciting various phrases into their mobile phones. Players score points according to how fast they say the phrase and if the android device understands the phrase that was supposed to be said. This app supports and keeps score for up to 4 players. It also has three levels of difficulty. The easy category includes various quotes from movies and songs whereas the medium and hard category includes various tongue twisters and harder sentences. The fun part of the game is seeing if the Android device understands what each player says and who will win the game! :)Version 1.0.6: fixed some of the first market day issues with sound/image.The real purpose for the creation of this app was to create a fun way for students to learn a variety of simple facts in a classroom setting. The facts can be turned into the sentences the students recite while playing this game. It is a powerful way of learning because players not only read but also say the information in a fun setting. The playing of the game helps instill repetition needed for learning the concepts. This can be a great educational tool and learning game!We envision this app being played in many places to increase learning! Topics for the app could include vocabulary, quotes from a book, key concepts in a chapter of a textbook, a bible study game, family reunion games, etc. DecaDroid would love to alter this game for your own needs. Starting at $5.99 DecaDroid will recreate this app and personalize it to fit your needs and include your own topics. Simply create your own sentences/phrases to be used in the game and send it to us via e-mail. Visit our website for more information and for payment options. We can even post it in the market if you'd like for everyone to have access to it!

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