Kaleidoscope Ad-Free Upgrade


Turn the world around you into a kaleidoscope image!This upgrade removes all advertisements from the app Kaleidoscope to make it an ad-free experience. We appreciate your business.WARNING: This app is an upgrade for Kaleidoscope, a free app available from Resonos. Buying this app will do nothing on its own, it only works as an accessory for Kaleidoscope.About the app:Get lost in a world of reflections with this awesome free kaleidoscope application. Kaleidoscope augmented reality (AR) application uses your phone’s camera to display a cool kaleidoscoped picture of the world that updates in realtime. Alternatively, use any image on your phone as a fun source for the virtual kaleidoscope. Save images to your phone to share with friends! See beautiful patterns and mirrored reflections, spirographs, hexagons, spirals, swirls, and much more–the possibilities are endless!Features:* Kaleidoscope the camera or any image on your phone* Powered by OpenGL! The kaleidoscope is rendered blazing fast, although using the camera will cause some slowdown.* Gallery to store all your favorite Kaleidoscopes in and view in a coverflow style* ActionBar style intuitive app layout* Fluid kaleidoscope animations* Three kaleidoscope shapes (pro upgrade only)* Kaleidoscope effects (pro upgrade only)* Much much more!

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