Kawaii Calculator [Glitter v.]


Kawaii Calculator [Glitter ver.]Simple Caluculator, [Japanese teenage girl’s style]In the part of many Japanese teenage girl love this style so much.If you travel to Japan, maybe from airports, you see phones such styled.But also, youEverywhere in Japan, you will see many phones and girls who have the phones in the style.The word "Deco den" has been commonly used for decorated mobile phones in the stylethat covered with beads, jewelry, and other cute.And more,That was born from the word also derived "Deco(n.)(adj.)" "decoru(v.)" from there,you will understand how common in Japan.Of course, the calculator app is suits very well for girls who use kawaii decorated phones.But also, If you like the Japanese teen’s style,try it!This is not the same as so many other apps, is something special.

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