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"Rated the #2 Family App by Time Magazine, the Famigo Sandbox recommends the best educational and kid-friendly apps while blocking access to content the parent finds objectionable. No more accidental ad clicks, in-app purchases, or unsupervised internet usage. Enjoy your free, full-feature 7-Day Trial Today! After the 7 day trial parents can upgrade via a one time $4.99 in app purchase.“Let's be serious. Sometimes we all need a break. Famigo gives you a few minutes of relief.” – Irene, Sandbox UserFEATURES:✓The Wishlist allows your child to request the apps they want without the constant nagging!✓ Automatically filters apps on your phone to show ONLY apps our experts and other families consider safe for your kids✓ Automatically updates when you add new family-friendly apps✓ Parental management controls allow you to add & block apps from your kid's view✓ Protect your phone & keep your child in Famigo Sandbox by enabling Toddler Lock in Settings✓ Recommendations based on what other families, just like you, think are family and kids appropriate✓ Integrates with Famigo’s Family App Review to give you family specific ratings and reviews on apps and games that are kid friendly✓ Free weekly emails on what and how long your child have been playing in Famigo Sandbox, plus personalized app and game recommendations for your kids!"Important new information for users:- Famigo Sandbox, designed with families in mind lets your kids play all the educational apps and games they already know and love in a safe, locked environment. -For all grandfathered users (those who downloaded the app before we began charging) the app will continue to display the ""trial"" tag on the icon, but rest assured, you'll always have full access to all Sandbox features. -Please be aware that using the Sandbox in conjunction with another third party app launcher (e.g. Apex) may interfere with the performance of your device.*****This app blocks in-app purchases*****In-app purchases can still be seen, but children cannot make purchases inside the Sandbox without parental permission. Parents also have the ability to block access to apps that use Social Media. We take your family's privacy seriously - Read our full privacy policy trouble? Check out our FAQ's or contact customer support

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