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The App Family is proud to introduce "Peg Puzzle", a great pre-school shape puzzle game for kids. Get set for lots of laughter and fun with beautiful HD graphics, high-quality sounds, 8 wildly different backgrounds and many puzzles to solve. In this free trial version 6 of the levels are available – Get the PRO version to play all 9!*** Like us on Facebook for news and updates: ***Each character is cheerfully animated and plays multiple sounds. As soon as you place a character you can freely move it around and play with it as you like. Which background will become your child’s favorite? The farm for runaway animals, the Caribbean pirate sea, the jungle waterhole, the red planet, or the fairy tale land with a princess and a dragon? Don’t forget to try the random level, where you never know what you will get. Dragons in the jungle? Aliens in fairy land? Elephants in space? Parental guidance information:- No advertisements.- Suggested age group is children aged 2 – 4, depending on previous touchscreen game experience.- The game encourages basic manipulation skills (drag and drop, touch), problemsolving skills (solving puzzles) and imaginative play (using it as magic stickers).- Collaborative play is encouraged. After solving a puzzle, take a moment to use the game as magic stickers and play with your child, teaching basic spatial concepts or just having fun!Technical information:- Installs to SD card if available.- Anonymous usage statistics are collected via Google Analytics, hence the requirement for Internet access. We do this only to improve the game experience of future versions. The only statistic collected is the number of times each level is played.Credits:Development: Per Haglund, Zhong Yu, Linnéa Klar, Sebastian PettersonArt: Used under licence from artist, all rights reservedArt animations: Christofer HaglundMusic: Kevin MacLeodSound:

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