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Kids Puzzle:Plants

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CategoryBrain & Puzzle
DeveloperSunGround Co., Ltd.
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Kids Puzzle:Plants is a puzzle game specially designed for kids above one year old. While playing the game,the kids could improve their understanding of the world,identify various plants tools and improve pronunciation. They could learn both English and Chinese when playing the game!Game Feature1. Four different categories (fruits,vegetables,flowers,trees). Your kid can learn dozens of different plants tools.2. Two levels (4 blocks,8 blocks) . Suitable for kids of different ages ...3. Easy and simple game-flow. Even one year old baby could play with basic features of the game.4. Fantastic cartoon characters to attract kid's attention.5. Female voices from various languages to improve kid's pronunciation.6. Support super high resolution monitors. compatible to various display screen sizes and resolutions.How to play:1、 Select Normal mode or Hard mode to start the game.2、 Select a scene.3、 Select a picture in the puzzle to start solving. (the picture will remain black if not solved) 4、 Realistic sounds of the plants tool are played when the puzzle is successfully solved. 5、 Then move on to the next plants tool.Detailed categories:fruits:( strawberry,banana,apple,mango,watermelon,dragon fruit,pineapple,grapes,pomegranate,kiwi,cherry,lemon,persimmon,melon,loquat,peach,pear,durian,litchi,date)Vegetables:(mushroom,Chinese cabbage,cabbage,tomato,carrot,sweet pepper,red cabbage,corn,garlic,onion,balsam pear,chili pepper,cucumber,lotus root,broccoli,potato,Asparagus lettuce,bamboo shoots,radish,bean sprouts)flowers:(Carnation ,rose,daisy,lily,tulip,morning glory,sunflower,plum blossom,,peonyorchid,lotus,Chinese rose,azalea,jasmine,herbaceous peony,daffodil,peach blossom,pomegranate blossom,begonia,calla)

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