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**IMPORTANT** 1) Before buying, PLEASE try our LITE version first. This way you can test compatibility, see the game play, and get a great idea of the features!2) If you are having any troubles PLEASE contact us before leaving bad feedback. A great deal of time has been put into Kingdom Forge and we want you to enjoy it. Thanks!3) THe first time you run Kingdom Forge, You MUST HAVE AN ACTIVE INTERNET CONNECTION! Failure to do so will cause the game to run in LITE mode whenever your connection is down.DEVICES: We have had one report that the Samsung Intercept does not display the screen correctly. NOTE: If your screen has a white rectangle at the top, go to the menu, open the "Manual" screen (may take a few seconds), then press the back key.*************Kingdom Forge is a medieval turn-based strategy game of conquest. Recruit an army of heroes to claim, build and protect the surrounding uninhabited land. Along the way you will battle enemy kingdoms trying to do the same. Destroy your enemies, conquer the territory, and forge a powerful empire that will one day rule all lands!It's like Chess, Risk and fantasy all rolled into one game.FEATURES: •6 unique classes of commoners and heroes to recruit (Peasants, Warriors, Sages, Monks, Rangers and Clerics).•3 different castles can be built, each with different attributes.•Each hero can advance to unlimited levels.•Spell-casting.•3 map sizes from small to huge.•Can play against up to 6 computer players.•6 levels of increasing challenge with optional variations allowing a total of 24 different levels of difficulty.•Pinch to zoom in/out.•Save and load up to 10 games.•Original music score.•Detailed manual built-in.3 New, Quick tutorials:Very Quick Start - - 54 sec.Basics - - 7 min.Spells - - 7 min.tags: fantasy, rpg, role-playing, risk, turn-based, board game, strategy

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