Kingdom of Camelot Jetpack


King Arthur must defend his castle and kingdom in this fast-paced graphical adventure! There are no princesses to rescue this time. No catapults. Just the King who must battle to defend his Kingdoms!Run, jump, or fly with a helicopter pack to avoid dangerous obstacles! Watch out for archers shooting their arrows, flying dragons breathing fire, and lightning bolts from loud storm clouds…Help King Arthur by tapping the screen to fly up. Release to fall back down.Every 20 coins King Arthur picks up, he will receive an extra life.You will also find bonuses as you fly through the Kingdom of Camelot: pick up the bonus to change your helicopter pack into a jetpack or Leonardo Da Vinci wings. This will also make you invincible the next time you run into an obstacle. Be careful, the Jetpack and Wings react differently to the Helicopter pack!Helicopter pack = Stable flying, quite responsiveJetpack = Faster flying, more responsive but difficult to controlWings: Slower flying, less responsive, easier to control.This game is inspired by the free Jetpack Joyride adventure game, but it is not associated. The game is themed on medieval war and battles and the famous King Arthur, his knights of the round table and Camelot. Be a lord, rush to play this game. Battle like Richard the Lion Heart to show that you rule the enchanted royale kingdom. Fantasy defense game, a fable, lil’ live medieval sim!

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