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CategoryCards & Casino
DeveloperDigiwack Software
Added4 years ago
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by On March 22, 2011
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This is the full version of Klondike that can also be found here: version has cleaned up graphics, it will attempt to use the Unicode characters for the hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades through a user prompt.3-card draw can be toggled on and off, plus there's an "undo" menu option to undo the last card move.Any further user-requests will be implemented in this App first.Also notice that this app seems to be one of the smallest installations of Klondike on Android market, and also loads up fast enough that a "splash-screen" would be unnecessary.If you found this app at a site other than the Android Marketplace, Digiwack Software does not support any "features" that may have been added after it was scrapped from the Android Marketplace site. You can find the original source of this App here:

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