KoeImagePro (Story)


A unique tool to bring life to your media. Join audio, video, Images and animations and create STORIES that says more.The Story building is backed up by the features like Image editing and Collage. So you get everything in one application. In minutes you can create media like video that is like alive, interactive.Please click on +1 to show your support.Please help us make KoeImage more fun-filling for you by joining the KoeImage Facebook community at http://www.facebook.com/koeimage and providing your valuable inputs. If you like to showcase your creations, let the world see it, just use our Facebook page.600+ Clip Arts; 80+ fonts; Single fingure resize, rotate and movement of Images; Any background for Collage Canvas; Variable size for Canvas; Border for Individual Images and the Collage Canvas (Background); Border styles, Border Color, Border width; Add text on Image or add text separately, set color, change size; Pin Images while managing the front Image of the Collage; Bring to Front; Send to Back are few features of Collage. Color effect; Engrave; Emboss; Three types of Crop; Rotate, Flip; Brightness; Contrast; Grayscale; Invert; Add Reflection; Sepia and more are few features of editing. Full size easy scrollable Canvas. All packed in one application.Works perfectly on Tablets and the Phone devices. Image based controls at single control panel with minimal configuration makes it suitable for children.It is so cheap but brings so much fun! Use it for yourself, create greeting cards, create presentation Images, create Story board, create Images for Social sites or for fun. Best Gift material.Do you need any feature? Do you need any more Clipart? Do you find any feature can be modified to suit your needs? Just email us.

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