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Welcome. Educhosun's dictation service offers you an online Korea dictation practice which uses dictation to further develop your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills, thereby enhancing your ability to effectively communicate in Korean. The technique of training through dictation is acknowledged and used all over the world and considered as one of the most effective methods of learning languages. This service provides a step-by-step learning and continouous evaluation and helps students improve his or her weakness points. The service is currently offered in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and the United States.Dictation can be quite challenging at first. It is not easy for any non-native speakers to be able to listen and write because taking a dictation properly means understanding sentence structures properly. Therefore learning Korean through dictation means you increase your understanding of sentence structure, improving listening, reading, speaking and writing at the same time and giving you a holistic understanding of the language. This website also offers common weakness statistics per regions and age groups as well as your own weakness in listening.In addition to listening and reading, speaking and writing are becoming more prevalent as necessary means of communication. The key to learning to write in another language is repetition. When you practice through repetitive dictation, you memorize sentence structure and thereby enhance your writing skills. Why don't we start our first step into this. Service Structure and Features※ Dictation Practice in Accordance with Your Level - This service offers setences to practice which is in your listening level, providing step-by-step learning. - Each setence or clause is in a specific category so that the system can figure our what your weaknesses are. - My wrong answer list can help you figure out your weaknesses and the system offers you more setences which are in the same categories as those in the list. - You can either use key pad entry system or finger writing entry system. - After you submit your answer, the system instantly provides your socre and you may practice again and again to get it right or view the correct answer. - The system offers vocabulary part, clause part, sentence part and composition part and you may focus on a specific part to practice.※ My Wrong Answers - You can view your wrong answer list collectively. - You may practice your wrong answers repetively.※ Mock Exam - Per each level, people all over the world take the same test and you may check where you stand. - A test is made with 5 questions each for 4 parts; vocabulary part, clause part, sentence part and composition part.※ Test Result - Test report will be provided for each test. - The report provides socres per each part and your weakness list. - It also provides statistics, such as, your percentage ranking, average scores of other participants and other helpful information for you to see where you stand. - It gives you the list of your weaknesses and means to practice more on your weakness points. @ This application will require your registration and log-in process for mock exams and test report. @ About Educhosun : Educhosun is founded in 2001 and is a leader in providing test contents, offering on-line education and e-learning environments, running English camp and English towns, and developing software .The company provides global institutes with educational contents and educational platforms. @ If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us at the provided e-mail.

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