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★唱吧 - 最时尚的手机KTV★ ★国内人气最高的手机K歌社区★ --------------------------------------唱吧4.0,让你成为MV的主角 --------------------------------------放在口袋里的KTV-打开就能唱,附带上万首经典曲目-你随时可以将你唱的歌保存起来-出色的字幕效果,媲美KTV-支持分类点歌、歌星点歌等多种点歌方式-专属的播放器模式,可自动连播,并收藏你喜欢的歌曲人气最高的K歌社区-上传你的作品到唱吧里,让成千上万的人听到-只有在这,你才能体会到数万人听你唱歌、送花、写评论的感觉-不经意间,你可能就会成为有数万人关注的明星-你也可以将给力歌曲直接转发推荐给唱吧好友们,秀出独特音乐品味发现每个城市的好声音-完全自动按照城市分区,来看看国内不同地区的唱歌风格吧-你可以进入任何一个区域,成为那里的明星-你亦可以听听你家乡的人现在在唱什么歌-你甚至可以到各个城市巡回演出,开演唱会-也可以看看附近的人在唱什么歌炫酷MV模式 - 欣赏歌友的MV,曾经只能听声音,现在如同亲临现场,给你全新视听体验耳目一新的礼物系统-红玫瑰、彩虹玫瑰各种鲜花让收到礼物的人欣喜不已-你可以随时看到谁为你赠送的礼物最多-你还可以让为你的偶像赠送高级鲜花,让他/她立刻登上推荐榜聪明好用的调音助手-这里没有复杂的设置项,完全自动美化你的声音-你也可以经过几次简单的点击,获得更动听的声音-预置萌猫、娃娃音等多种有趣的声音特效等你来体验 内置聊天功能-你可以和你的粉丝们一对一的聊天-语音消息也同样可以发送全面的分享支持-你可以在唱吧里唱首歌然后用微信发你的朋友们-也可以直接分享给QQ空间、腾讯微博、新浪微博、人人网的好友们唱吧的最新动态请关注唱吧官方微博新浪微博: @唱吧腾讯微博: @唱吧★ sing - the most stylish phone KTV ★★ domestic most popular mobile communities ★ K song--------------------------------------Sing 4.0, so you become the protagonist of MV--------------------------------------KTV in your pocket- Open the can sing, with tens of thousands of classic tracks- You can always save up your singing- Excellent Subtitles results, comparable to KTV- Support the classification of song, singer song song and many other ways- Dedicated player mode that automatically Lianbo, and a collection of your favorite songsThe most popular K songs Community- Upload your work to sing, let thousands of people to hear- Only at this, you can experience the tens of thousands of people to hear you sing, flowers, write a review of feeling- Inadvertently, you may become the star of tens of thousands of concerned- You can also force the song will be forwarded directly Tell your friends who sing, show a unique taste in musicFind a good sound for each city- Fully automatic partitioning according to the city, to see different parts of the country singing style bar- You can enter any one area, where the star to become- You can also listen to the people who are now in your hometown what songs- You can even tour to various cities, concert- You can also look around in what songsCool MV mode- Appreciate the song Friends MV, once could only listen to the sound, now as in person, give you a new visual experienceRefreshing gift system- Red roses, rainbow roses variety of flowers to delight people who received a gift- You can always see who'd up a gift- You can also make as your idol senior gift of flowers, so that he / she immediately boarded the recommended listClever handy tuning assistant- There is no complicated setup items, fully automated beautify your voice- You can also go through a few simple clicks, get more pleasant voice- Preset Meng cat, girl voice and many other interesting sound effects, etc. for you to experienceBuilt-in chat- You and your fans can chat one on one- Voice messages can also be sentComprehensive sharing support- You can sing a song and then sing it in the letter sent with the micro with your friends- You can also share directly to the QQ space, Tencent microblogging, Sina Weibo, Renren friends whoSing please pay attention to the latest developments sing it official microbloggingSina microblogging: @ singTencent microblogging: @ sing

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