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【公開測試版本】此版本為公開測試版本,若有任何操作問題或建議,歡迎您來信或來電指教。================公測版( V2.7 ) 功能介紹:【線上免費入會】線上免費加入會員,第一手掌握最新優惠、消費動態、餐飲資訊,將陸續推出手機會員專屬優惠。【專屬網路歌本】您可以在歡唱前在線上建立「我的最愛」。在美樂地KTV歡唱時,直接將「我的最愛」匯入包廂,喜歡的歌曲一次找齊。【手機直接點歌】歡唱時,操作手機進行點歌,或將「我的最愛」匯入包廂,您再也不用和朋友搶遙控器了。【快速歌曲查詢】與包廂同步更新資料庫:排行金曲、新進歌曲、歌名、歌手、語別、字部多功能查詢。【消費金額試算】消費金額先查詢,讓您精打細算,生日慶生、狂歡派對、聯誼聚會、迎新送舊...,輕鬆歡唱無壓力。【交通路線規劃】搭配 Google地圖,快速引導您到台中美樂地KTV。【免費 wifi 熱點】台中美樂地KTV提供免費 wifi 熱點,沒有 3G 嘛會通。================改版預告:(此版尚未開放的功能)【線上訂位】新版會增加線上訂位,請您稍候。================有任何操作問題或建議,歡迎您來信或來電指教:台中美樂地台中市中區綠川西街135號8樓之1PS.若無法顯示日文,請嘗試變更系統字型即可。The public beta version this version for the public beta version, if there are any operational problems or suggestions, you are welcome to email or call enlighten.================Public beta (V2.7) Features:[Online free membership]Online free Member, first-hand grasp the latest deals, will be launched mobile member exclusive offers consumer dynamics, dining information.[Dedicated network songbook]You can online before singing "My Favorites". Melody KTV singing directly to the "Favorites" import box, once found all of your favorite songs.[Phone directly song]Operate mobile phones singing a song, or import the "My Favorites" box, you no longer have to grab the remote control and friends.The [fast songs query]Update the database synchronization with box: pop songs, new songs, song title, artist, language do not, word Ministry of multifunctional inquiries.[Amount of consumption trial]Consumption amount of the first query, allowing you to plan carefully, birthday birthday, rave parties, social gatherings, welcome to send old ..., easy to sing without pressure.Traffic route planning with Google map, quickly guides you to Taichung Melody KTV.Free wifi hotspot Taichung Melody KTV offers free wifi hotspot, 3G Well GENERAL.================The revised notice: (This version is not yet open function)[Online booking] the new version will increase online reservations, please wait.================Any operational problems or suggestions, please email or call enlighten:The Taichung Melody 2225-2929Green Street Kawanishi, Taichung City 135, 8th Floor 1PS If you can not be displayed in Japanese, try to change the system font.

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