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Kuantan Foods is an Android application designed for food lovers in Malaysia. Food in Kuantan, according to Google Search Engine, is the most searched keyword related to Kuantan Food. That is why this app was created. In this app, we have been carefully selected the best foods in Kuantan. From time to time, we will updates the contents if we feel that it is necessary. What so special about this app? Basically, we had add-in some cool and advanced features, notably Google Maps app, Photo Album app and Camera app, while keeping this app in its simplest form. Our aim is to provide a better app user experience. Here are the short details of the said advanced features: * Google Maps app provides quick navigation of the place specified. You will need to install Google Maps app on your Android device to use this advanced feature. Just touch the Google Maps app on every Food page inside this app and it will guide you to the place you wish to go. * Photo Album app can let you have a glance on what pictures were uploaded on a particular Food page inside this app. All the pictures are in HD mode. You can view the pictures on full screen mode. You can also rotate your device to view the pictures.* Camera app can let you take photos and email those photos to our app team without leaving the app. This advanced feature allows you to store images on your device in a list. You can always go back to view those photos whenever you want. Additionally, we have included an eBook if you wish to download. The eBook is in PDF format. Hence, you will need a PDF reader on your device. It is available on the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, you can also view on your Laptop if you wish to. Sharing is caring. You can also share our app on Facebook (located on the "Share" tab of this app). Please rate and review our app, if any. We will do our best to improve this app in the future. 🙂 P/S: If you are a restaurant owner, kindly send us your details so that we can add it to the Food list.

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