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Kutiz 2 Live Wallpaper HD Beta

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If you liked the first version, you are gonna love this one.The famous Kutiz are back with style.Kutiz are babies living on your desktop. You can interact with them in many ways :- Tickle them to make them laugh, - Drag your finger on the screen and they will follow it with their eyes,- Feed them, but not too much because you don't know what can happen...,- Give them a pacifier if they cry too much,- ...But they are also smart! They will get sick when your battery is low, flying mails will appear if you have unread SMS, and they will notify you if you have missed calls.This new version comes with tons of customization features. You can make your own custom Kutiz by changing his complete appearance from the color of their skin to the look of their eyes.You can also choose their clothes (shirt, pants, shoes, ...) and give them accessories (hat, glasses, gloves, ...). You can use Kutiz 2 as a Live Wallpaper or as a Daydream.Stay tune, because it is just the beginning and a lot of additional features are on the way!Hint: They will fit perfectly on an empty screen of your desktop.Notice: Kutiz ask for the SMS and CALL permissions because they will notify you when you have unread SMS or missed calls.

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