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Cherished since ancient times, labyrinths – special one way mazes – have recently been scientifically proven to distract and calm the frazzled mind. The Labyrinth Ball is a novel transformation of a finger labyrinth to three dimensions. Originally a handheld ceramic sphere, now experience the Labyrinth Ball on your phone, free! Take a meditative moment out of a busy life and simply trace the labyrinth to its core, centering yourself in the process, anywhere and any time. Also features accompanying Tibetan chimes (may be disabled), and a special bed time mode (press Menu and then select "Settings" inside the app).****** This app requires many permissions because we use Zong to accept payments to upgrade to premium mode. It contains no malware. If you’d like to get a simpler version, please purchase "Labyrinth Ball Premium." It includes 4 labyrinths and no advertising. Thanks! ******No prior technical experience is required: this is a great app for those new to smartphones and the proficient alike.== Further Details ==Please note: Labyrinth Ball is not a game! This is a labyrinthine meditation aid, ideally used in a calm, quiet environment to destress and relax. There are several ways to meditate and seek calmness using labyrinths – meditators not "feeling it" should consult Veriditas’ online guides.To help you meditate, Labyrinth Ball plays Tibetan chimes. If disrupting your zen, disable from the settings menu.Labyrinth Ball has a special bedtime mode, enabled from the settings menu. Consider meditating and calming yourself in bed just before sleep to relax away the day’s stress.

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