Lakshmi Puja


Perform Laxmi Pooja this Deepawali with this great app as a free gift from m-apps Lab.The application consist some great features like:1) Deepawali (Laxmi)Pooja vidhi2) Laxmi Arati3) Sri yantra with Laxmi Ashtak4) Exclusive wall papers of Godess LaxmiDeepawali (Laxmi)Pooja vidhiThis Deepawali we have made even easier to perform Deepawali pooja with all rituals correctly. The app guides you to perform Laxmi Pooja step by step on Deepawali. So if you don’t know the proper rituals of Laxmi Pooja on Deepawali Just download the app and listen to the instructions given by Pandit Ji in this app.Laxmi Pooja and Arati:You can perform complete Laxmi Pooja and Arati on mobile as well. If you are away from home then just download the app and complete Laxmi pooja on Mobile itself. After Laxmi Pooja you can perform Arati with the help of music and lyrics available in the application.Sri Yantra and Laxmi Ashtak:This application not only helps you in Laxmi Pooja on Deepawali (or otherwise) It also shows you the path towards prosperity and happiness.First time in the world we have brought sri yantra on mobile. It comes with music of background recitation of Laxmi Ashtak. It is believed that if a person recites Laxmi Ashtak once in a day; peace, prosperity and happiness come naturally to him. He leads towards a peaceful, successful and happy life.Sri Yantra:Sri yantra is a chart or geometric pattern which represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically, a microcosm of the universe from the human perspective. A Sri Yantra is a type of mandala with geometric patterns. Sri Yantra literally means loom, instrument or machine. In actual practice, a yantra is a symbolic representation of aspects of divinity, the creative forces of the universe. It is an interlocking matrix of geometric figures, circles, triangles and floral patterns that form fractal patterns of elegance and beauty. These visual patterns can have a powerful effect on the mind. It can be useful in balancing our mind and body through hearing, primordial shapes can generate increased coherence in our brain, creating a balancing and calming influence. In cultures around the world, beautiful visual patterns are used to quiet a restless mind.So now onward focus your eyes on the centre of Sri Yantra while listening Laxmi Ashtak. We strongly believe that it will make your life much better then what it is today.Wall Papers:We have also given some great wall papers for you in this app.So happy Diwali to all….. Celebrate Diwali with the great application.May godess Laxmi Bring Prosperity, health and happiness in your family this Deepwali.

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