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It’s hip to be square, and cool to be smart! One of the most popular puzzle games in Europe is now on Android! Choose one of five puzzle squares from very easy to very hard. Then solve the puzzle by placing tiles into the puzzle square so all sides that touch match in color and shape. 5 difficulty levels, hours of enjoyment!Lana Puzzle is like having checkers, chess and a jigsaw puzzle combined in one application. With billions of different puzzles with trillions of different solutions, Lana Puzzle packs a lot of punch in a great little game package! Lana Puzzle provides is game for kids, a game for adults, and provides hours of fun and learning for the whole family!Lana Puzzles requires Android 2.2 and Adobe Air 2.6 be installed on your mobile device.This addictive logic puzzle requires more brainpower and thinking than Sudoku, Hitori, Ken Ken, and Kukuro put together. It’s one of the most challenging games you will ever play. As an educational puzzle and brain training exercise, or simply as a relaxing puzzle game, Lana Puzzle is a different game experience for your mobile phone than any other.In some languages Lana means “awakening”, and when you play Lana Puzzle you will immediately realize that you are playing one of the most original logic games ever invented. A top app on Android, Lana Puzzle is a mind blowing, brain teasing game for kids from 4 to 104! If you ever played card games, or tile games like scrabble, mahjong, dominoes; or strategy games like checkers and chess, you will love to play this fun puzzle game. People who like crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, logic puzzles, reasoning puzzles will enjoy this Android game.Lana Puzzle is the sister game to Hexa Zoki. We are working on translating this games into these languages: Finnish, French, German, Deutschland, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Sweden, Turkish and Pakistani. People are emailing us with requests for more games from as far away as: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Thailand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Venezuela, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Kuwait, Malaysia Taiwan, Dubai, Egypt, Hong Kong and Israel. Our mission is to provide a puzzle game format that anyone can enjoy – no matter your age or skill level. This puzzle trains your brain and develops memory, analytical ability, problem solving, observation and reasoning skills. It’s a brain exercise that will improve spatial and logical reasoning. Track your performance and watch your scores rise as you improve your mental skills each time you play. Keep track of your time and compare your score to your friends for bragging rights! From beginners to geniuses, everyone will find value in this mind blowing, brain teasing, and fun game app.Tired of Angry Birds check out our: Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Dominoes, Hearts, Spades, Gin Rummy and other classic board, puzzle, card and brain games.And look out for our up-coming games: Four-in-a-line (Connect 4), Shogi, Chinese Chess, Chinese Checkers, Mahjong, Tic Tac Toe, Bubble Mix, (tile matching), Dominoes, Hangman, Minesweeper, Battleships, and games.Keep your brain bright can be fun. Try: Tetris, Unblock Me, Brain Age, Test, Memory Trainer, Move Block, Simon, Bubble Buster. These games help develop memory, attention, focus, and more.keywords:fun games,fun games for kids,games for kids,brain games,educational games,kid games,puzzles,puzzle,logic,kids games,kids,fun games,mind games,mind,tease,teaser,learning,smart games,solitary,free games,education,educational games,brain games,brain teaser,brain,numbers,puzzles,puzzle,logic games,kids games,kids,kid games,mind games,mind,tease,teaser,IQ,игры,puzzel games,puzzel box,juegos, des jeux,solitaire,Spiele,spiel,Zahlen,Kinder,kindergarten games,spil,tal,børn,solitair,giochi,gry,jogos,enigmas,juegos,spel,logik,barn,oyun,ฟรี,数学,游戏,孤独,遊戲,孤獨 ,謎,数学、ゲーム、パズル、孤独、수학,게임,퍼즐, 谜, スマート,脳,無料ゲーム,무료 게임,

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