Enjoy playing laser tag again. Bring back some childhood memeories, or create new ones while having hours of endless fun!2 modes available – Classic & Arcade.Hit the red and blue targets, but don’t hit the green ones, those are your team mates.Enjoy the fun and excitement, and test your reflexes and hand eye coordination at the same time.A true classic for adults and kids alike.Guaranteed to offer a great time!* It is a game where the screen is a very dark grey, and targets quickly appear on the screen.* You have to touch the blue and red targets but not the green targets.* Each level is 45 seconds long, and red targets are worth 50 points and blue worth 25 points.* There will be 2 modes: Classic & Arcade Arcade mode is simple It is 1 round for 60 seconds.* Each red target is worth 50 points. Each blue target is worth 30. * Every green target you hit, you LOSE 20 points.* For Classic Mode There are 10 rounds as previously described. * In order to pass a round, you must hit ALL the blue and red targets. * If you miss 3 targets, or hit a green target you lose.Note: Required Adobe air

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