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Layered Maze is a maze game that consists of spatial structure. One maze which consists of several layers, the stairs to go up or down the hierarchy are located in each layer. Please reach the goal by moving the layer.Move straight to goal layer may not reach the goal. Your choice stairs may be a dead end, or you may sometimes have to go back to the hierarchy passed earlier.The 3 type game below is prepared."Challenge" – Challenge the mazes which are prepared in advance."Free Play" – Play maze which created by random."Time Limit" – Clear the maze before the time limit.* Released derivative maze game "Layered Maze – Survival" on Google play.— Change Log —* Version 2.4- Draw the circle mark for maze object at zoom.* Version 2.3- Modified the maze creation algorithm for "Free Play" and "Time Limit".- Changed the number of items for "Time Limit".- Changed to carry over the number of zoom for "Time Limit".- Modified some display elements.- Added the sound.* Version 2.2.1- Fixed a bug which can not get item by sensor operation.* Version 2.2- Changed the game "Time Limit" to appear several items in the maze.- Fixed the force termination to abort the game at "Time Limit" when the language is not Japanese.- Reduced installation size.* Version 2.1- Improved graphics.* Version 2.0- Added game type.* Version 1.3- Modified the compass to point to stairs and goal.- Added 1 theme.- Added 4 mazes.* Version 1.2- Improved operation of moving.- Added ability to view the entire of the current layer in each maze as hint.- Review of the view.- Added 4 mazes.* Version 1.1- Added support for operation by using the tilt sensor.- Review of the maze.* Version 1.0- First Release

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