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LDS Quiz will test your knowledge of and teach you about the apostles and prophets.Do you know your LDS Church leaders? This quiz will not only test your knowledge, but teach you about the respected apostles and prophets we follow.Too often they are just a name or a face, let's put the names and faces together and learn about their teachings and examples.There are two groups to be quizzed on. Either select to be quizzed on current (living) apostles by selecting the apostles tab, or select the prophet mode and you will be quizzed on presidents of the church. There is also a study mode which will list all the current apostles along with their names followed by all the latter day prophets or presidents of the church. There are also multiple levels to each group. Face to the Name - the original. Pick the right apostle/prophet from 4 images (multiple choice) when given a name.Last Conference - the latest (or last) General Conference message. Pick the right apostle/prophet from 4 images when given a talk title or topic or quote.Name that Face – Pick the right name when shown an imageWhen they were young(er) - depictions of the apostles and prophets when they were young (or at least younger).Who Came First (seniority/order) - Name them in order.Master the faces, names and details of these great men, and then, try to beat your score and time.These leaders are according to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This app is not connected with the church other than aiming to uplift it's members.0.1.4Adding level for General ConferenceHardware accelerated animation0.1.3Adding level advancement.Pass a quiz to unlock the next level. Fixing score calculation bug.Adding better instructions and language.Pro version includes more levels.0.1.21Bug fix0.1.2Adding Name that Face mode and renaming original to Face to the Name.Adding Correct per Minute rate0.1.1Adding more time and remaining quesion status with scoreAnalytics TrackingBug fixes0.1.0Adding multiple quiz levels. Be quizzed based on multiple difficulties including:Name that Face - the original. Select a specific apostle/prophet from 4 images (multiple choice)When they were young(er) - depictions of the apostles and prophets when they were young (or at least younger).Who Came First (seniority/order) - Name them in order.Updated study page with more images.0.0.78Minor bug regarding including all apostles in quiz.0.0.77Fixed issue with repeating quiz rounds.0.0.75Fixed a couple bugs.Started to question in one round until all answers correct.0.0.6 Bug fixes0.0.56 Initial release in android marketplace.

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