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You learned a little Javascript, but you still look at sites with slick, smooth elegant user interfaces and wonder: How DO they do that. Here’s a secret– The answer is AJAX. Asynchronous Javascript and XML. If you want to make pages on your web application respond quickly, and with a minimum of screen refreshes, this IS the technology to learn.With a little Javascript knowlege you can use AJAX to take database information and store, alter, sort and conditionally format it all on the client side. This minimizes the load on your sever and makes your applications respond quickly and without reloading the HTML page. AJAX comminicates wth the server behind the scenes while your user continues to use your web site, accessing the information they want.In this course master trainer Mark Lassoff takes you through the basics of AJAX righ to advanced topics like parsing JSON responses from web services. This couse is recommended for all web developers who want to improve their client side skills, and make killer responsive web applications.Course OutlineChapter I: What is AJAX?1.1 Ajax’ified’ Web Sites1.2 Dynamic content placement1.3 the XMLHTTP Request Object1.4 Making AJAX Requests1.5 Parameterized AJAX RequestsChapter II: AJAX and XML2.1 Receiving XML Data2.2 Displaying XML Data in a Table2.3 Manipulating XML Data in the DOMChapter III: AJAX and JSON3.1 What is JSON?3.2 Displaying JSON Data3.3 Building a JSON Object for server ConsumptionChapter IV: XSLT4.1 Creating an XSLT Stylesheet4.2 XSLT ElementsChapter V: AJAX with the jQuery Framework5.1 Using AJAX with jQuery5.2 Using AJAX with JSONChapter VI: AJAX and PHP6.1 Using PHP with XML Data6.2 Using PHP with JSON Data

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