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Learn to use the worlds most popular CAD design software with AutoCAD 2011 Training from Infinite Skills.- Over 10 hours of video content- 103 individual lessons- Professionally edited and produced- Lessons presented by expert trainer Brian Benton- FREE working files to ensure successful learning Note: These training videos are streamed to your device on demand, and you do have to remain connected to the internet in order to watch the training. We recommend that you have a fast and reliable connection for the best experience.In this high quality training course, expert trainer Brian Benton teaches you the essential basics of AutoCAD 2011. Designed for the absolute beginner, you start off by reviewing the installation and initial setup of AutoCAD. A quick run through of the interface, and you are ready to start learning to design layouts. You will learn how to interface with AutoCAD using the the Application menu, Quick Access Toolbar, the Ribbon and the command line. You will use these interfaces to create objects - circles, lines, polygons, and all the essential shapes you need for your designs. You quickly move to editing tools such as erase and scaling objects. Rotating, mirroring, creating arrays of objects, and more. You will discover OSNAP, ORTHO and GRIPS. How to annotate, blocks, the difference between paper space and model space, as well as getting ready for printing and plotting.By utilizing short 3-5 minute tutorial videos, this AutoCAD 2011 video training course allows you to work at your own pace. Whether you're ready to dive in and watch video after video, or you're a more casual student who wishes to watch a few movies at a time, Learning AutoCAD 2011 is right for you. With working files included, it's simple to follow along with each lesson and verify your work. Just download Learning AutoCAD 2011 on to your device, and let your creativity take over!Features:* Includes working files you can download to your computer and use in AutoCAD 2011 as you watch the training on your Android device - freeing up your monitor space for the software.* Go from video to video in order, or skip around; you're in complete control.* Streaming video - allows you to keep your device's storage space free for your own media and data.You are not purchasing generic, poor quality YouTube videos. You can be certain that all Infinite Skills training programs are professionally edited and produced products. These lessons are envisioned and created by the expert author, ensuring a personal and professional touch on every video offered.Some of the topics covered in this course are: Chapter 1 - Getting StartedChapter 2 - New Features in AutoCAD 2011Chapter 3 - Interfacing With AutoCADChapter 4 - Basic OperationsChapter 5 - Drawing & Drafting ToolsChapter 6 - Editing ToolsChapter 7 - Utilities: Tools To Know What's Going OnChapter 8 - Precision Tools: Tricks To Help You Draw AccuratelyChapter 9 - AutoCAD: Using LayersChapter 10 - AnnotationsChapter 11 - Blocks Chapter 12 - Model Space And Paper SpaceChapter 13 - Plot & PublishChapter 14 - Final ProjectChapter 15 - About The AuthorView the full table of contents on our website at:

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