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Learn basic English through a series of videos chosen by experienced TEFL language teachers. The course is structured, being grouped in topical sections and progressing in level.Able to pause, go back, fast forward on the video.All videos sourced and streamed from the most effective and most popular English language schools on YouTube.This trial contains all 95 beginners videos lasting between 2 and 10 minutes:BEGINNERSBasics - Alphabet; Colors; Adjectives; Numbers 0-20; Numbers to 100; Top 10 Verbs; Basics - Action verbs; Pronouns1 Introducting Yourself - Introductions; Where are you from?; Family; Who? What? Where? How?; Occupations; Adjectives; We are family2 Places - At, on, in with places; Next to, beside, near; Where questions; House; Lounge; Garden' In the City; Spatial location; Prepositions song; Directions3 Food - Restaurant Vocab; Vegetable Vocab; Fruit Vocab; Kitchen vocab; Fruit and Nuts; Countable and uncountable; Countable and uncountable nouns; Chile con carne; Diet4 Weather - Weather vocab 1 & 2; Seasons; Weather phrases; Weather conversation5 Routines & Activities - Tell the time; Daily Activities; Activities; Adverbs; Adverb song; in, on; Daily activities; Simple present; Housework; Sports Vocab; Describe plans; Present, past, future6 Health - Body Parts; Hospital Vocab; Dentist Vocab; Common Health problems 1; Common Health problems 2; Already and yet7 Travel & Transport - Transport Vocab; Vehicles Vocab; At the Airport; In the street; Look, see, watch; Transport Song; Rhymes; Checking in8 Vocabulary Builder - Animal Alpahabet; Bedroom Vocab; Clothes; Clothes Alphabet; Money Vocab; Musical Instruments; Seaside Vocab; Shapes Vocab; Weaponry9 Grammar Builder - Infinitives; Gerunds and Infinitives; Irregular Verbs; Possessive Adjectives; What are you doing?; Comparisons; Comparisons & Superlatives; Present continous vs present tense; Future tenses; Past simple; Phrasal Verbs; Present perfect vs simple past; -ing vs -ed; Confusing Words; Here and hear; Listen and Hear; Live and Live; Other and Another; Wish and Hope; To, too and two; There, their and they'reWARNING: Whilst we have tested every video on many handsets and different Android versions successfully, some users have difficulty accessing over 3G. If you connect over WiFi, you will be fine. If you connect over 3G, a few network operators block RTSP streaming. This is not something we can handle at the App level. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU DOWNLOAD THE FREE TRIAL VERSION FIRST TO SEE IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE FEW PEOPLE WHO CANT ACCESS RTSP AND THEREFORE VIEW VIDEOS. Please let us know the details if you can't stream so we can provide a service to 100% of users. Possible workaround are to switch on WiFi even though you're streaming via 3G to trick device or download a youtube app.Full course list on 'Learn English by Video' (no advertising) app is:BEGINNERS - As beforeINTERMEDIATEIntermediate Tenses - Passive; Past ContinuousModals - Introduction to Modals; Got, have got, have; Advisability; Necessity; Polite Questions; Modals SummaryPhrasal Verbs - Introduction; Keep up; Get; Common phrasals 1; Common phrasals 2; Pull; TurnConditionals - 1st Conditional; 2nd Conditional; 3rd ConditionalClauses - Relative Clauses; Adverb Connectors; Reported Speech; (wh) questions; (yes-no) questions; changing verbs1; changing verbs2; Reported Speech conditionalsCultural - Cleaners; Blood; Christmas Origins; Christmas Santa; Christmas Symbols; Double Decker Bus; Flowers for the Girl; Weather phrases; Halloween; Influenza; Sherlock HolmesIdioms - Colour; Eye; Heart; Seafood ACCENTSAll countries and regional dialects in UK and USA.영어 학습 英語を学ぶ 学习英语

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